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LYNN SUSHOLTZ IS AN ARTIST, COMMUNITY ACTIVIST, AND EDUCATOR. She is the Executive Director of Art Produce non-profit space whose mission is to build community and foster civic engagement through arts, education, and public culture. She owns Stone Paper Scissors, a public art studio in North Park that integrates community voice and vision into the cultural and physical landscape. Lynn’s art practice ranges in scale from small drawings exploring the cultural context and social histories of everyday objects to large-scale interactive environments. She employs a strong social engagement component that focuses on blending the intersection between virtual and physical communities. Known for her public art on the Vermont Street Bridge, the North Park Community Park Playground and local public school facades she has won 5 “Orchid” awards from the San Diego Architectural Foundation. Her most recent public commission from the City of San Diego titled, Grandmother’s Kitchen/Grandfather’s Garden is a sculptural video installation tracing the history of immigration to the neighborhood of City Heights.

An advocate for increased access to arts and culture, Lynn works locally to develop educational, social, and environmental resources for youth and families. Engaging youth and adults in the process of creative problem-solving, she teaches classes and workshops throughout the county in schools, cultural centers and at her Stone Paper Scissors studio. She has been a California Arts Council, Artist in Residence, and is an arts education consultant for UCSD’s Education Studies Department and the San Diego Unified School District.

Lynn has exhibited her work at the Athenaeum Arts and Music Library, City Gallery at San Diego City College, Mesa College Art Gallery and was selected the State Assembly District 39 representative for the “California Contemporary Artists 2007” exhibit at the State Capitol in Sacramento. Her community engagement work at Art Produce was featured in 2012 issue of Public Art Review, “Food For Thought”. She recently co-authored “Community Development in the Context of Art: North Park and the Citizen Artist” for CultureWork Broadside documenting her history of community activism and the development of Art Produce, and co-authored a resource book for teachers, “Object Lessons, Teaching Math Through Visual Art”.


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