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DESIGNERS, COOKS, GARDENERS, AND CREATORS all call North Park home, and for some, their products do too. From companies that are sweet as honey, to those who have an incredible eye for design, these are the makers behind some of North Park’s favorite local goods.

Founded in San Diego in April 2014, Gabrielle was motivated to start Plantilly to bring more affordable tillandsia pieces to others. “My boss once bought me a tilly globe. When it was time for watering, I looked at the care instructions that also happened to give a background on tillandsias and how they shouldn’t need dirt. I got excited and wanted to buy more, but was taken aback by how pricey I was finding them. I decided to start selling them at more reasonable prices. I feel like it’s easier for people to try something out if it’s cheaper, rather than buy an expensive plant and kill it, and feel like they lost out.”

INKredibleDESIGN is the culmination of work by Brandon Hubbard. He is a local artist and photographer based out of San Diego, whose work branches from small pen and ink illustrations and watercolors, to large-scale installations in office spaces, breweries and homes. Brandon started his own small business in May 2011 called Signs of San Diego, mainly structured behind his love for his hometown. Since then, he has lived and traveled abroad while documenting his travels at mytravelosophy.com; began his own portrait photography studio, shutterhubb.com; and most recently, created a series of hand drawn maps of United States and cities, along with a growing list of countries, seen on his Etsy shop, properly labeled “INKredibleDESIGN”.

After being raised between London and San Diego, and earning her B.F.A. in Poetry and Publishing, Lindsey Yuriko started Warren Tales, an independent greeting card press that features handmade and printed products.

Lindsey says, “I’d always been obsessed with all things paper, but became smitten with greeting cards in college and quickly started scouring shelves for the well-designed, well-made, and well-phrased. It became a fast passion and I began following small presses like bands—pining for a new release or limited print run—until finally, I was struck with the cockamamie idea of going into business. Originally a writer and working in children’s publishing, I traded in my desk for design and a newfound peddling of puns. Now, Warren Tales operates as an independent greeting card press that features handmade and printed products.”
Owner Lisann Koplin has a passion for all things culinary. She fell in love with the company years ago, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to take it over this past December. She takes pride in the fact that the San Diego Honey Company sources only the highest quality local, raw, San Diego honey. All beekeepers have been honing their craft for an average of 30 years and love their bees. They respect the work that the bees do and the integrity of the honey produced. Lisann says, “The value of our local, raw San Diego honey is kept intact throughout our process. We cold pack all of the honey to maintain its raw honey quality. We take our time, slowly pouring this beautiful raw honey by hand into our bears and jars.”
San Diego Honey Company® was founded by Rachel Adams in 2011. Rachel created the Pollen Plus® and San Diego Honey Company® brands building a reputation for excellence and high quality products.

After growing up as a competitive gymnast and experiencing extreme joint discomfort for several years, Samantha Schmuck decided to start Revived Living. When asked about her products, Samantha says, “In terms of my bath and body products, I really felt as though self-care is something that we have cast off to the wayside only to be squeezed into our schedules if possible (and usually something else comes up that we feel is more important). With our lives as busy as ever, taking the time to care for ourselves and make sure we are nurtured feels impossible. I love baths because it is a solid 20 to 30 minutes where you are able to close the door on the world and have some peace and quiet to yourself. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics and Epsom salt baths were a regular happening – I saw the benefits they can have on sore, achy muscles. This is predominantly why my line is centered around bath teas and bath salts, so that you can have not only a healing experience, but also a deeply pampering one as well. Living in Southern California, I do not have access to a bath myself so I love to fill up a little foot basin, stick in my headphones, and let the world completely melt away!”


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