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WITH ONE OF SAN DIEGO’S MOST BELOVED CELEBRITY CHEFS, Rich Sweeney, at the helm in the kitchen, and arguably the most well-curated brew menu in America’s Finest Beer City, Waypoint Public would probably be packed every night even if the owners had W.C. Fields-level disdain for children. But a quick scan around the comfy, yet stylish restaurant makes it obvious that families are welcome here.

The designated kids’ area is decked out with artificial turf, beanbag chairs, books, games, and a big-screen TV that’s always showing a kid-friendly movie. It’s no mystery why so many parents of young kids are regulars here.

But what you might not immediately glean from the layout of Waypoint Public is that their support of families and children goes way beyond offering the parents a stress-free venue for enjoying world-class food and beer without hiring a babysitter.

A Sampler Platter: Waypoint is the single biggest financial benefactor of North Park’s neighborhood public school, Jefferson Elementary, and hosts a monthly Family Movie Night fundraiser for its foundation. They also host a monthly reading club for families, which benefits Traveling Stories, an organization that promotes childhood literacy. Recently, they added a wildly popular series of children’s cooking classes that is turning our kids into little foodies. Ask your server about daily and seasonal specials.

There are obvious reasons that Waypoint Public is one of North Park’s most popular places to grab dinner and a pint or two. But the “secret menu” at Waypoint is an expansive list of the relationships it has built with the community.


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