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Meet the Contributors

Explore North Park is an out-of-market, tourism marketing campaign, supported by a grant from the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department. The goal of Explore North Park is to market this vibrant community as a destination for San Diego visitors. Of course, Explore North Park wouldn’t be what it is without dedicated, experienced and creative contributors! Want to know who’s behind the scenes of Explore North Park? Learn more about our North Park experts!

Angela Landsberg

Angela Landsberg, a native San Diegan, grew up in the neighborhood of North Park. She began her position as Executive Director of North Park Main Street in 2011 after years of work in the community. Landsberg started working in communities in San Diego in 1995, serving as a legislative aid for Councilwoman Christine Kehoe. Angela enjoys all that her city has to offer by spending time at the beach and parks with her husband and two daughters.

Anna Gamboa

Anna Gamboa, Creative Director and Partner of A7D Creative Group, has been actively behind the re-brand of North Park as a San Diego destination. She grants much of North Park’s growth to the unconditional support and camaraderie from her fellow North Park business owners. Without thoughtfulness and creativity each business owner lends to North Park as a whole, the community would not be what it is today.

Jillian Wolter

Jillian Wolter has made San Diego her home for the past seven years. She has profound gratitude for San Diego’s healthy, vibrant community and the people who work hard to keep it that way. A graduate of the UCSD Urban Studies and Planning program, she is committed to strengthening communities and improving quality of life during her career.

David Gamboa

David Gamboa is the President of North Park Main Street, and has been a board member for six years. As the Co-owner and President of A7D Creative Group, David has been active in the community for over 10 years. After starting A7D with his wife Anna Gamboa in their home, they moved the business to North Park in 2005 and haven’t looked back.


Countless others have contributed their talents to Explore North Park, including photographers, writers, designers, board members and more. Thank you to photographers Tim Hardy and Demi Johnson, logo designer Chanel Cook and the entire A7D Creative Group team, and writers Andy Hinds, Kelsey Prince, Matt Gordon, Rene Vidales, Kenny Key, Kathryn Hon, Lynn Susholtz and Salpi Sleiman. These contributors, board members and, especially, North Park businesses, work daily to ensure North Park is the vibrant, eclectic community it is today. Want to check out some of the businesses that make North Park great? Visit our business listings page!


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