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National Coffee Day

Written by: Salpi Sleiman 

North Park’s coffee scene has been booming over the last few years.  Local roasters have raised the bar on quality, and it’s all about third wave coffee. Buying practices are built on mutual respect for the farmer and passion for sustainability. Roasting techniques highlight varietals and celebrate the true flavor of the bean in its original state. Baristas expertly craft beverages, doing away with dry foam cappuccinos, and embracing the wet milk steaming technique to create beautiful works of latte art.

There is an emphasis on transparency of the trade, through education about coffee sourcing and brewing techniques, and availability of information about ingredients used and where they come from. The combination of high-quality beans sourced from single origins, using the latest slow focused methods for preparation of coffee, make for a smooth, rich, and bright cup of coffee.

Third wave coffee is a welcomed trend in the neighborhood, as seen in the success of local cafes, where residents and tourists alike flee to grab their daily cup and freshly baked pastry to boot. The scene has transformed into a lifestyle, and the social media community is buzzing with shots of cold brew and latte art!


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