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Julie Warren | Why I Paint North Park


I find just about everything in my North Park neighborhood interesting to look at.

I see the brilliant Bougainvilleas cascading over the fences transforming alleys into colorful paths cutting behind charming cottages and lovely Craftsman homes. Perky succulents create a visual oasis on the wall outside Pigment on North Park Way. Right now in May, the Jacaranda trees are flinging their purple remnants all over the streets. People are growing grapes and lemons and patches of hops and peppers in their yards.

The houses are great to look at too.As I walk around I really enjoy the variety of architectural styles of all the places people live. The historic homes and the stately Spanish, the GIll houses and the pretty little cottages, those courtyards ringed by little studios, all have their own charms.

I see colorful storefronts and lots of different styles coexisting on the busy thoroughfares. There’s the iconic North Park sign, funky murals and the sculpture on the top of the building at the corner of Ray Street., vintage signs and brand new lettering. Art studios fronting the street, the super cool drawings on the top of our parking garage! And all the way down to the unique and happening Art Produce across from a sleek glass tower.

I have painted the flora and fauna for many years. Now I am starting to paint the houses and places. But I can also see a time when I may need to paint some of the great people of North Park too. Really I can see this being a long term project, there’s always something to see.


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